A Working Algorithm

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 3.30.27 PM.png

In an attempt to create transparency about pricing...

I have made an algorithm to invite the viewer/ collector into what it takes to make, show, and sell my work. The image above is a screenshot of the spreadsheet I used to price my artwork in the group exhibition, " LINE, FORM, AND SPACE" | EMERGE Gallery | Feb 2018. This transparency feels as important as it feels necessary. Before identiying as an artist, I always wondered how artists arrive at a selling price. As a self-taught working artist, I found the traditional methods of pricing work to be helpful but felt that without accommodating for the additional cost of living that my chronic pain creates, I would not be accurately pricing my work. By publishing this process, I hope to continue this dialogue with fellow artists as well as art patrons on the value of art.