Roin Morigeau - "before the bridge" series No. 5

Artist Statement

In a modern world, we are inundated with data. Absorbing thousands of visually coded bits of information, we are often taking part in this transaction without willful knowledge or consent. For physical clutter, we grab a broom to sweep up a messy kitchen floor. With the click and drag of a mouse on a computer screen we are able to clean up our digital lives in an act of making space for new information/ data/ files. Similar to our digital devices that are equipped with a specific amount of  storage or “memory,” do we not function similarly?

If we reach our mental/ emotional storage limit, there must be an act, a ritual, a routine to create space in order to experience and store new memory input. In learning to live with chronic pain, I have found the act of creating to be a vital process in my ability to cope with the added sensory input that pain creates in the body/ mind.

"before the bridge" series No. 5 | 12" x 12" | digital collage print on archival photo paper | 2018