Roin Morigeau (b. Oct 24, 1984) is an interdisciplinary artist using drawing, painting, poetry, digital collage and sculpture to explore the dichotomy between matriarchal and patriarchal space. Living with physical limitations and daily chronic pain from a spinal injury, Roin centers their art practice as a form of protest and healing. Producing minimal yet powerful abstract works, Roin explores the feeling of “in-betweenness” they experience as a queer, disabled, gender non-binary person raised in a bi-cultural home. Roin was nominated for the 2019 Centrum Emerging Artist Residency Program and has shown in numerous shows and exhibitions regionally including King St. Station at Seattle Office of Arts + Culture, Terrain Gallery, and the Chase Gallery at Spokane City Hall. They are a member of the Spokane-based, The PORTAL Collective and a 2018-2019 sponsored member of Saranac Art Projects. Roin is a descendant of the Flathead Salish Tribe of Montana and lives in occupied Spokane territories where they were raised.


Inspired by natural and fabricated landscapes, Roin is heavily influenced by contemporary artists and culture creators in their community and whom they have met through their travels and while living in Seattle and New York City. These artists include Tavares Strachan, Barbara Earl Thomas, Tracy Rector, Tuesday Smilie, Satpreet Kahlon, Ramdasha Bikceem, Cristy C. Road, Jahmal Golden, Juliana Huxtable, Adee Roberson, Melanie Griffin, Reina Gossett, Che Gossett, Bunny Michael, Ada Tinnell, Beverly Ragasa, Carlé Brioso, devynn emory, Ron Morrison, Freyr A. Marie, Syan RoseShoog McDaniel, Alea Mahone, TextaQueen, Gabriel Jesiolowski, Esra Cömert-Morishige, Minori Sanchiz-FungAlisha Kahealani Mahone-Brooks, as well as fellow Spokane-based PORTAL COLLECTIVE members Shantell Rene Jackson and Asia Porter.